Smart Shopping: How to Build a Low FODMAP Pantry for IBS Relief

Smart Shopping: How to Build a Low FODMAP Pantry for IBS Relief

Published on Monday, January 08, 2024 by Kari Tallent

Stocking Your Shelves: Essential Low FODMAP Pantry Staples

Congratulations on taking the leap to adopt the Low FODMAP diet! We've all been in a place where dietary changes seem like a challenge, but it's empowering to make choices that prioritize your health. You're choosing to nourish your body with foods that align better with your needs, and that's truly commendable. One proactive step you can take is to avoid being in a situation like Old Mother Hubbard by ensuring your pantry is well-stocked with FODMAP-friendly items.

Smart Shopping Tips: Basics, Seasonings, and Cross-Referencing Products

This may sound like an arduous task, but when you get a couple of things each time you go to the store or buy in bulk, you can really build your pantry quickly. Start with simple basics like grains, cereals, and baking supplies. Check the seasonings you already have to make sure they are FODMAP-friendly; that way, you do not have to buy those, too. You can use the Monash App or the free resource handouts on Kate Scarlata’s website to cross-reference products.

Essential Low FODMAP Pantry Items

Recognizing FODMAP-Friendly Products: Brands and Versions

Once you get that down, you will likely start to recognize certain products and brands that are FODMAP-friendly. Whether it is specific versions of a brand’s product made Low FODMAP or the entire line of food products made by particular manufacturers. Look for these goods at your local grocery store or order items online through the website or Amazon Fresh. Thanks to the growing interest in new product development, locating Low FODMAP foods has become so much easier and less stressful than it was a few years ago. 

Low FODMAP Brands

Once you get a good handle on building your home pantry, you can also look at fresh fruits and vegetables and protein foods to complete your plate for meals and snacks. Remember when doing this that you do not have to buy everything all in one trip. Doing this will be overwhelming not only for your mind but also for your budget

Efficient Shopping: Utilizing Grocery Lists and Bulk Buying

Use the grocery lists provided by your favorite Low FODMAP resources and apps and shop as usual. Find recipes to build your grocery list, knowing certain ingredients will yield more than the recipe calls for leaving leftovers to add to your pantry. Another option is to buy certain items in bulk. Look at flour and baking products or other dry goods that will last for multiple meals or snacks. 

Before you know it, you will have a solid pantry full of Low FODMAP goodness. You will also discover you can find and recognize Low FODMAP foods and brands, making grocery shopping more efficient. Again, try to stay calm and always go into the store with a plan, start small, and keep building off that.

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