Our Mission

Welcome to Foodguides, a site that provides nutrition recommendations backed by research and health experts. Visit to learn more about diet sensitivities and suggestions to ease related symptoms. We provide direct links to verified products that may fit your dietary needs. 

Foodguides was created out of a desire to pair trusted nutrition information with recommended products to address your health concerns. Wondering what foods to avoid with GERD? Or what foods cause acid reflux and how to make it go away? Today, finding reliable, direct answers to these problems and the products you need to solve them can be overwhelmingly difficult. The information you'll find here addresses common nutrition concerns and is written and reviewed by a team of nutrition experts. 

Here you'll learn about GERD diets, foods to avoid, what foods neutralize stomach acid, and much more. Then, you'll have direct access to buy the foods recommended for your concern. Sign-up for our newsletter and check-in to the site weekly--we're always here to help.