Reflux-Friendly Drink Options for Social Events

Reflux-Friendly Drink Options for Social Events

Published on Monday, January 16, 2023 by Savannah Duffy

After a holiday season of indulgence, it is no secret that January is often dedicated to resetting lifestyle goals and overall health. 

Many individuals, including those who do not suffer from reflux, participate in “Dry January” to take a break from alcohol consumption and relieve their waistlines and wallet. In those suffering from reflux that is triggered by alcohol, abstaining from alcohol can go beyond these benefits and provide great gastrointestinal relief.

However, “mocktails” often contain other potential reflux triggers such as carbonation, caffeine, citrus juices, and mint. This can make social events frustrating when you feel like your only option is to stick with plain old water. But don’t fret! I’ve compiled some suggestions to help you hydrate in a reflux-friendly style.

  • Use coconut water or aloe vera juice as the liquid base for mocktails.
  • Stick to garnishing with non-citrus fruits such as apples, pears, and melons.
  • Try caffeine-free herbal teas such as green tea, and pour it over ice. I like to add fresh ginger for extra flavor and balance it out with a simple syrup or honey for a touch of sweetness.
  • If mint is a trigger, garnish your drinks with basil instead.
  • Experiment with beverages from various cultures, such as the traditional Mexican drink Horchata or Indian golden milk.
  • Consider a non-alcoholic wine such as Sinzero to enjoy the flavor of wine without the subsequent reflux flare-up.

Don’t overlook the importance of the presentation of your drink, either. I try to romanticize my beverage option by breaking out my favorite porcelain tea cup, using a mason jar and colorful straw, or pouring my mocktail into a wine glass. Using something other than your everyday glassware enhances the experience of indulging in a tasty beverage treat.

Suffering from reflux should not mean you have to miss out on all the fun. It can even be a chance to find new favorites you would have never discovered otherwise! Below are two of my favorite reflux-friendly mocktail recipes.

Hibiscus Sangria Mocktail 


For more information on reflux-friendly drink options, check out this article: Cheers! Alcohol Options with Reflux.


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