Magic Pixie Dust or FODMAP Eliminating Enzymes?

Magic Pixie Dust or FODMAP Eliminating Enzymes?

Published on Wednesday, August 02, 2023 by Kari Tallent

As a Dietitian, I have encountered numerous clients with questions about diet fads, pills, drinks; you name it. 

When I am approached about one of these things I get investigative and find myself diving head first into research, reading everything I can find, including the fine print or the ingredient list. Occasionally, something surfaces that can actually stand up to its claims, whether it be a product or a dietary pattern.

When encountering the world of FODMAPs, the trend I have found revolves around the restrictiveness of the diet. There is a large percentage of non-compliance because the list of high FODMAP foods is fairly extensive. It’s one thing to have to eliminate one specific food, and it is another thing to have to eliminate entire classes of foods. However, the results of being compliant and following the elimination diet for the prescribed time can oftentimes be worth the effort.

Those living with GI intolerances have to face the fact that the best way to get around having a flare-up is to remain consistent with your eating habits. Much like the rest of our readers, I have struggled to tolerate certain foods and have battled my fair share of flare-ups. Consistency is key, as well as avoiding trigger foods once you narrow those down. 

With all that being said, there is a new product on the market that I happened across and wanted to get more information on. FODZYME® is a product developed by a biotech company called Kiwi Biosciences. They created this product after one of the co-founders was prescribed the FODMAP diet and wanted to create something to make it less grueling to follow. They focused their effort on providing a way to consume high FODMAP foods without having to sacrifice comfort, nutrition, or taste. 

So, how does it work? FODZYME® is a powder you sprinkle over your food prior to ingesting. The dosing size is about a ¼ teaspoon and can be used on solid foods and liquids. It is made up of three main enzymes; lactase, alpha-galactosidase, and fructan hydrolase. These enzymes start working when they make contact with your food and continue while you chew. FODZYME® only targets Fructans, GOS, and Lactose-containing foods. Mannitol and sorbitol, types of sugar alcohols, are still being worked out.

Initial studies of the product were conducted using a Gastrointestinal Simulator, which imitates the human GI tract in its entirety (one of our contributors actually wrote a cool summary about this awesome technology). During trials, FODMAP-containing foods were put through the digestion process using FODZYME®. The results yielded a ~90% breakdown of fructan into fructose in a 30-minute time period. Further testing showed substantial amounts of fructose being absorbed, resulting in reduced gas production. 

Further trials using healthy volunteers have also been conducted also, showing a significant reduction in side effects from consuming high FODMAP foods. The product has also been certified by MONASH University

From the reviews I read, there are positive outcomes from using FODZYME® as an addition to following a Low FODMAP diet. Some pro tips that I found are as follows:

  • Make sure you are chewing food thoroughly to allow for the most optimal outcomes. This allows the stomach to digest a smaller bolus of food at one time. 
  • Do not put FODZYME® on any food that is hotter than 140°F as this denatures (destroys the molecular characteristics) the enzymes, making the product ineffective. 
  • Do not over-saturate your food with FODZYME®. The indicated “dosing” amount is more than enough to allow for the intended result. Pricing is reasonable based on how often you need to use it but can get costly if you are using it without caution and throwing the Low FODMAP diet out completely the window.

This product seems to meet all of the claims it makes with in-house trials, product reviews, and certifications from reputable entities. When first being diagnosed with a GI intolerance and potential disorder, it is always beneficial to follow the Low FODMAP diet initially to determine which food families you are sensitive to. FODZYME® is a great tool to keep in mind once you are past the reintroduction phase of the Low FODMAP diet. With the Low FODMAP diet becoming more common, there are loads of recipes that use alternative ingredients and seasonings. FODZYME® is just icing on the cake.

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