Decluttering to Improve Your Health- The Art of Balance

Decluttering to Improve Your Health- The Art of Balance

Published on Monday, August 15, 2022 by Deanna Salles-Freeman

Is Balance a Myth?

Most people hear the word balance and immediately tune out whatever is next. LISTEN UP! This is a different take. 

Life is messy. 

Begin to redefine the word balance. Think of it as harmony, like music. Have you listened to a symphony? Such a wide range of instruments all playing in harmony.

A beautiful balance of highs and lows, loud and soft.

That’s how we should approach balance in our life. Working to create harmony in the key areas. One important step toward this is to make space in your life; clear the clutter, inside and out.

Declutter, Decide, and Delete

Oh, how easily clutter builds. Tending to “all the things” is a continual process. It can weigh us down and hold us back from creating the life of our dreams. We all deserve to have that inner peace and space to design our life.  


“Clear the clutter to clear your mind.”  Dr. Lucal D. Shallua


The impact that clutter has on your health has also been studied. Clutter can significantly add to stress, anxiety, and depression, all factors that directly impact intestinal issues such as GERD and IBS. Simply put, mess causes stress, but it’s not just our home environment. We may also have clutter in our finances, and even with technology, paperwork, and records.

Areas to Declutter

Let’s take a look at some areas to declutter and make space for something new.

Your Home Environment. 

When all your spaces are screaming, “Handle me!”, it’s difficult to be productive. It’s so overwhelming that instead of doing even one thing, we do nothing. It’s immobilizing. A clear space gives us a fresh, free feeling, creating space not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Instead of just trashing those items, consider upcycling or a garage sale to create a little income, or donating.

Technology & Paperwork. 

Do those little red dots in your email folder bug you? How about seeing that dreaded number of messages, most of which are junk? Do you have a desk full of papers and mail? Determine the documents that are actual records and must be kept. Go paperless. Automate your email so that only notices for those things that truly need attention are flagged. Having a single place for vital records, birth certificates, passports, insurance, and wills, is something I learned while dealing with hurricanes. Be able to grab and go. 

Schedule & Finances. 

Most people miss these areas, which tend to be the most cluttered. Don’t overcommit. Be sure to schedule time to focus on your own goals. And don’t forget some time for self-care. In the same way, don’t overcommit your finances. Facing finances is no fun; ignoring finances is downright painful. Subscriptions have gotten to be such an issue that you can now subscribe to an app to find the subscriptions you aren’t using! What is measured gets improved. Take time to make space in your schedule and your finances. 

Make Space for Something New – YOU!

It’s not just our physical space that gets cluttered, with closets overflowing and workspaces becoming unrecognizable, but also our schedule and finances get cluttered with overcommitment and subscriptions we don’t need or use anymore. 

Beyond the physical and financial clutter, we need to eliminate emotional clutter to create space for something new and good. To find harmony. To improve health. 

Whether it’s our physical spaces or harboring resentment from past relationships, punishing ourselves today for bad decisions we made years ago, or past trauma that still has a hold over us—it’s all emotional clutter that occupies valuable space in our mind that’s needed for achieving the life we want. The life we deserve. Create harmony, balance, and peace, by clearing the clutter and making space.

I see you, and YOU are beautiful!

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