Vita Coco Boosted Coconut Water, Vanilla Latte (Pack of 12)

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There is nothing in life that couldn’t use a little boost. Vita Coco Boosted is packed with MCT Oil, caffeine from tea, and B-Vitamins to give every little thing in your work, school, and life the extra push that it needs. But MCT Oil…why? MCTs are easy to absorb fatty acids found in coconut oil. They’re quickly converted into immediate energy sources, providing both physical and mental fuel. And when you start from a good place in your body and mind, there is no limit to what you can do. So take on the world, or just take on the morning. From big things to small, it all starts with a Vita Coco.

  • MCT OIL FROM COCONUTS : We blended our coconut water with coconut cream and added MCT Oil from coconuts to give you the healthy energy to power your body and mind throughout the day.
  • CAFFEINE FROM TEA AND B VITAMINS : Boosted includes 40mg caffeine from Tea and a boost of B-Vitamins to give you sustainable energy without the crash. It’s the perfect balance to replace a Kitu Super Coffee, Bulletproof, or other natural energy drinks.
  • ENERGIZE YOUR MORNINGS : The subtle, café-inspired flavors of Boosted – Coconut Chocolate, Vanilla Latte and Chai – make it the smart complement or replacement to your morning coffee, oat milk latte, cold brew, chai tea, or breakfast bar.
  • GLUTEN-FREE and NON-GMO : Vita Coco Boosted is made with hand-picked coconuts responsibly sourced from thousands of small farms. Boosted is gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan, non-GMO and fair trade certified.
  • #1 SELLING COCONUT WATER IN THE WORLD : Our coconuts are carefully hand-picked on thousands of small farms throughout the tropics. More consumers choose us than harmless harvest coconut water, zico coconut water, bai drinks, and taste nirvana coconut water.


Package Dimensions: 10.2 x 8.3 x 6.7 inches

Friendly To These Diets:

Acid Reflux, GERD, IBS

Our Experts Say:

Fluid is one of your body’s most essential nutrients. Water and other beverages aid with important functions such as digestion and hydration.

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★★★★☆ [4.2]