Organic Eggplant

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Dark purple, glossy, and shaped like a very large teardrop. Eggplants are known as aubergines in other parts of the world. It's usually served baked rather than raw or boiling, which some cultures do, although it makes the white flesh inside a little mushy....

  • ggplant or aubergine is a species of the nightshade and grown for its fruit.
  • Eggplants contain fiber, potassium, vitamin C and B6.
  • Eggplants contain a lot of fiber and are low in soluble carbohydrates.

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Friendly To These Diets:

Low-FODMAP, Acid Reflux, GERD, IBS

Our Experts Say:

Fruits and dried fruit are an excellent low-calorie choice to satisfy your sweet cravings while receiving added benefits such as dietary fiber and vitamin C.

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★★★★☆ [4.5]